“Golden Showers” by Kit Isherwood

beneath the fountains of men I perch on knees
dripping with the waste-not-want-not    expelling of that golden rush
down the cliff edge    I become a receptacle
of their flourishing streams    soon to be left out
to airdry    their knobs tightened to a stop
faucets shook of the last few drops    sunshine spillage
on clouded flesh    I am tantalised
and degraded    in summer I would sit
and let the heat melt my body to moisture
caustic smell    a cock-covered caricature of kink
dick beating to the licks of the body’s own cleansing
I have tasted all of the best parts of a man    some of the best parts
of myself    have lain bare below the gods
and begged for their spirits to wash over me like a monsoon

Kit Isherwood (He/him)
Kit Isherwood is a twenty-seven-year-old queer poet from Birmingham. His poetry has been published in various places, such as Verve, Young Poets Network, Ligeia, Queerlings, Fahmidan, Tealight Press, Dreich, Spelt, Acid Bath Publishing, Corporeal, en*gendered, and Muswell Press. He recently hosted the Young Poets Takeover at Verve Poetry Festival. He is currently working on his first pamphlet.