Delicate Friend is an adult (18+) quarterly arts and literary magazine centering romance, yearning, eroticism, and other forms of desire and intimacy. We were inspired to create this platform after someone tweeted, “all of the poetry that needed to be written already was […] you don’t need to fuck up this grand tradition talking about having sex with people you met on your iphone [sic].” We thought this sounded like a great idea for a magazine.

Delicate Friend is a place to enjoy the softer side. We want the unruly things you type at 1 A.M. The quiet daydreams you’ve scrawled down about your crush. Breathless reflections on your favorite fanfiction or how your body comes alive in nature. In short, we want your art and writing about things that are… delicate.

We theme and un-theme issues on a rotating basis. We aim to publish marginalized and otherwise unheard creators, including sex workers, people of color, disabled people, trans and queer poets and non-poets, new authors striving for their first publication, and those who occupy the many spaces between. 

All that said, we would love if you read our current issue or checked out our submissions page. We’re excited to hear from you!

Questions or comments can be directed to delicatelit@gmail.com