Our submissions are currently OPEN until August 15th, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET.

Delicate Friend is an adult (18+) space for sexual or intimate art or literature you enjoyed creating. Art is work, so enjoyment does not exclude difficulty. Difficulty can be exciting! At the end of the day, we want this journal to be a fun experience for us and our readers.

Our current theme is “MYTHFUCKERS,” an erotic twist on the oft-used theme of folklore and myths. Have you ever fantasized about fucking Bigfoot behind a Denny’s? Daydreamed about being held in the arms of a werewolf? Had an erotic encounter of the third kind? We want to hear from you!

We pay $10+ per accepted contributor, paid out upon each issue release.

To submit, send an email to with your name and pronouns in the subject line (ex. “Fox Auslander – They/them”). Your submission can be attached as a file or pasted in the body of your email. We recommend providing a third-person bio in the body of the email, but feel free to do so at your own discretion.

We are looking for poetry, prose, visual art, music, videos, game descriptions, fake movie reviews, real movie reviews, and more. One of us had an idea to create a section for crossword puzzles and mazes, and though we decided against it, those would still be cool.

We are not looking for graphic descriptions of trauma, abuse, or non-consensual acts.

We request that you limit the length of your submissions to the following:

  • Poetry: Up to five poems
  • Prose: Up to 2000 words (total, not per piece)
  • Visual art: Up to five pieces
  • Video and audio: Around three minutes

We accept simultaneous submissions. If you need to withdraw your work, please reply to your original submission with which pieces have been accepted elsewhere.

We also accept previously published work. Please include any prior publications in which your submission has appeared within your submission document. 

We offer paid expedited response times and paid feedback options! Click here to learn more.

Finally, we aim to respond to all submissions two weeks after the closure of a submission period. If you receive a rejection, please wait until the next submission period to contact us again. If you are accepted, we request you wait to submit again until the issue following yours is out  – we want to make room (space, if you will) for new voices.