Contributor Bookshelf

Alton Melvar M. Dapanas (Issue #2)
Towards a Theory on City Boys: Prose Poems (Newcomer Press, 2021)

Ami J. Sanghvi (Issue #4)
[IN]TRANSPIRING (swallow::tale press, 2021)

Andrea Paz (Issue #3)
High Femme [Podcast]
Safety Tips For Socialists and Anarchist Babes (Self-published, 20XX)

anna arden (Issue #4)
Acts of Performative Newness (Emerge Journal, forthcoming 2022)

Anthony Romello Salandy (Issue #1, Issue #4.5)
Vultures (Roaring Junior Press, 2021)
The Sands of Change (Alien Buddha Press, 2021)
Half-Bred (The Poetry Question, 2022)

Aodh Ó Riagáin (Issue #5)
Oreganillo. Gumroad

Briar Ripley Page (Issue #5)
Wyrm Hymns (Self-published, 2020)
Body After Body (Self-published, 2020)
Modern Metamorphoses (Self-published, 2021)
Three Stories (Self-published, 2021)
CORRUPTED VESSELS (swallow::tale press, 2021)

Cavar (Issue #4.5, Issue #6 guest editor)
A HOLE WALKED IN (Sword & Kettle Press, 2021)
The Dream Journals (giallo lit, 2021)
Out of Mind & Into Body (Ethel Press, 2022)

C M Taylor (Issue #2)
Yes & Yes & (Knights Mag, forthcoming 2022)

courtlyn louise (Issue #1)

Despy Boutris (Issue #6)
Publishing Poems: An Easy Guide (Self-published, 2021)
Burials (Bull City Press, forthcoming 2022)

Dmitri Derodel (Issue #2)
Prima Dima Spotify

jacklyn henry (Issue #6)
DRIVING W/ CRAZY, living with madness (Punk Hostage Press, 2021)

Jerica Taylor (Issue #1, Issue #3)
Donuts in Space (GASHER Press, 2021)
On the Water: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance (Self-published, 2021)

jesse smith (Issue #3)
Boy, Found (Self-published, 2021)

Kate Wilson (Issue #3)
dance party dirge (Ghost City Press, 2020)

KB (Issue #2)
How to Identify Yourself with a Wound (Kallisto Gaia Press, 2022)
Freedom House (Deep Vellum, forthcoming 2023)

Kit Thompson (Issue #3)
Kit Color Show Storenvy

Lane Speidel (Issue #1)

Lucy Hannah Ryan (Issue #4)
GIRL TITAN (Self-published, 20XX)
frag/ments (Self-published, 20XX)
Oh God, She’s Writing About Jesus Again (Self-published, 20XX)

Marsh Mallicoat (Issue #2)
All Along the Livery Line (Self-published, 2016)

Nat Raum (Issue #3)
October is Heavy (Self-published, 2019)
preparatory school for the end of the world (Self-published, 2022)

Palaces P. (Issue #3)
Folktales for the Diseased Individual (Self-published, 2021)
Breadcrumbs for My Nasty Children (Self-published, 2022)
Diva Incarnate (Wrongdoing Press, 2022)
Girly Fuck-Hunger (Bullshit Press, 2022)

Pasiphaë Dreams (Issue #3)
Pharmakos (Self-published, 2019)
UNDERFACE (Self-published, 2019)
Moon into Blood (Self-published, 2019)
Supercringe Femoid (Self-published, 2021)

quinn milton (Issue #2)
Quinn Milton Etsy Store

Quinn Valentine (Issue #6)
Satan’s Fluffer Inprnt Store

Robin Gow (Issue #3)
Honeysuckle (Finishing Line Press, 2019)
Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy (Tolsun Books, 2020)
Extraterrestrial Elegies (Ghost City Press, 2021)
Blue Blood (The Nasiona, 2021)
A Million Quiet Revolutions (Macmillan, 2022)

Robyn (Issue #6)
Loaded for Bear [Game-in-progress]

Sal Kang (Issue #4.5)
DADDY ISSUES (Fifth Wheel Press, forthcoming 202X)

Samari Zysk (Issue #2)
SoftTeethDesign Etsy Store

seosamh lily (Issue #2)
SUPERPOSE [Webcomic]

Xoe Amer (Issue #1, Issue #4)
Foibles: A Mother-Daughter Podcast