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Alexandra Weiss (Issue #10)
autumn is when the ghosts come out (Blanket Sea Press, 2022)

Alton Melvar M. Dapanas (Issue #2)
Towards a Theory on City Boys: Prose Poems (Newcomer Press, 2021)

Ami J. Sanghvi (Issue #4)
Devolution: Infernal Verse and Dramatic Poetry (Self-published, 2019)
[IN]TRANSPIRING (swallow::tale press, 2021)
Confessions of a Baby Vamp: Letters to John Milton (Gutslut Press, 2021)
baby ur a PIECEofWORK (Gutslut Press, 2022)
Baby Wraith Burrito Bones (Really Serious Literature, 2022)
Lipstick[less] Mania: A Ritual for No One (Bottlecap Press, 2022)
x( )-id </3 (Trickhouse Press, 2022)
Into Oblivion (Sweat-Drenched Press, 2022)
The Great Wraith Finale (Bullshit Press, 2022)
In Residuum (Kith Books, 2023)
Experiments in Quietus (Really Serious Literature, forthcoming 2023)

Andrea Paz (Issue #3)
Divergent Dissent Patreon

Angel Rosen (Issue #9)
Aurelia (Self-published, 2020)
Blake (Self-published, 2022)

Aodh Ó Riagáin (Issue #5)
Buscemi’s Orange (Self-published, 20XX)
Krypto’s Trick (Self-published, 20XX)
Beat of the Tide (Self-published, 20XX)
Elegy to the Foreflame (Self-published, 20XX)

A.R. Arthur [formerly A.R. Salandy] (Issue #1, Issue #4.5, Issue #10)
The Sands of Change (Alien Buddha Press, 2021)

arden will (Issue #4)
Acts of Performative Newness (ELJ Editions, 2022)
11 shitty astrology poems (Bullshit Press, forthcoming 2023)

Bex Hainsworth (Issue #9)
Walrussey (Black Cat Press, forthcoming 2023)

Briar Ripley Page (Issue #5, Issue #8)
Wyrm Hymns (Self-published, 2020)
Body After Body (Self-published, 2020)
Modern Metamorphoses (Self-published, 2021)
Three Stories (Self-published, 2021)
CORRUPTED VESSELS (swallow::tale press, 2021)
Cradle Chants (Self-published, 2022)
The Mood After All (Self-published, 2022)
Shoplifting is Cool and You Should Do It (Self-published, 2022)
Girls Online in the Late 2000s (Self-published, 2023)
THE FALSE SISTER (Knight Errant Press, forthcoming 2023)

C M Taylor (Issue #2)
Yes & Yes & (Knights Mag, forthcoming 2023)

Carmen “Rain” E. Schwierking (Issue #8)
Caramel Comics Wix Site

Cavar (Issue #4.5, Issue #6 guest editor)
A HOLE WALKED IN (Sword & Kettle Press, 2021)
The Dream Journals (giallo lit, 2021)
Out of Mind & Into Body (Ethel Press, 2022)
bugbutter (Gap Riot Press, 2022)
FAILURE TO COMPLY (featherproof books, forthcoming 2024)

Cecil Choi (Issue #9)

courtlyn louise (Issue #1)

Despy Boutris (Issue #6)
Publishing Poems: An Easy Guide (Self-published, 2021)
Burials (Bull City Press, 2022)

Dmitri Derodel (Issue #2)
Prima Dima Spotify

dre levant (Issue #10)
icarus rising (Kith Books, 2023)
Jack Invites Werewolves to the Tea Party (Alien Buddha Press, forthcoming 2023)

Dri Chiu (Issue #8)
TAIPEI METRO QUEST (Self-published, 2021)
cloudspotting (Self-published, 2021)
i’ll respond to that later (Self-published, 2021)
Self (Self-published, 2021)
portals hidden in plain sight (Self-published, 2022)
anti-guide to field guides (Self-published, 2022)
growing a poem / writing a flower (Self-published, 2022)
sleep of faith (Self-published, 2022)

ej kneifel (Issue #1)
VIO-LETS (Anstruther Press, 2023)

Ellen Clayton (Issue #4.5)
Home Baked (Bent Key Publishing, 2022)

InkySwampBones (Issue #10)

jacklyn henry (Issue #6)
DRIVING W/ CRAZY, living with madness (Punk Hostage Press, 2021)

Jerica Taylor (Issue #1, Issue #3)
On the Water: Monsters of the River’s Edge #1 (Self-published, 2021)
The Water’s Edge: Monsters of the River’s Edge #2 (Self-published, 2022)
Donuts in Space (GASHER Press, 2022)
Rupture and Repair (Animal Heart Press, 2022)
Flyaways and Tributaries (7×7 LA, 2022)

jesse smith (Issue #3)
Boy, Found (Self-published, 2021)

K. Twyla Park (Issue #10)
Feeling, as clouds empty into a month and then some (Self-published, 2022)

Kate Wilson (Issue #3)
dance party dirge (Ghost City Press, 2020)

Katy Haas (Issue #4.5)
the algorithm knows i still love you (Bullshit Press, forthcoming 2023)

KB (Issue #2)
How to Identify Yourself with a Wound (Kallisto Gaia Press, 2022)
Freedom House (Deep Vellum, forthcoming 2023)
PRETTY (Alfred A. Knopf, forthcoming 2024)

Kenneth Pobo (Issue #7)
Bend of Quiet (Blue Light Press, 2015)
Booking Rooms in the Kuiper Belt (Urban Farmhouse Press, 2015)
Loplop in a Red City (Circling Rivers, 2017)
Uneven Steven (Assure Press, 2020)
Wingbuds (, 2020)
Lilac and Sawdust (Meadowlark Press, 2021)
Lavender Fire, Lavender Rose (BrickHouse Books, 2021)
Sore Points (Finishing Line Press, 2022)
Hometown Folks (, 2023)
Opening (Rectos Y Versos Editions, forthcoming 2023)

Kenneth Zenz (Issue #7)

Kit Thompson (Issue #3)
Kit Color Show Storenvy

Lane Speidel (Issue #1)

Lucy Hannah Ryan (Issue #4)
Death & The Maiden: Odes to the Dead Girls of Pop Culture (Alien Buddha Press, 2022)
You Make Yourself Another (Half Mystic, 2023)

Marsh Mallicoat (Issue #2)
All Along the Livery Line (Self-published, 2016)

nat raum (Issue #3, Issue #9)
October is Heavy (Self-published, 2019)
preparatory school for the end of the world (Self-published, 2022)
you stupid slut (dream boy book club, 2022)
specter dust (Bullshit Press, 2022)
the fine line (Kith Books, 2022)
self portrait as several clusters of stars (Bottlecap Press, 2023)
the abyss is staring back (Quernica Press, 2023)
random access memory (Bullshit Press, forthcoming 2023)

Olga Kolesnikova (Issue #9)
Chronicology (Sampson Low, 2018)

Panda Traphagan (Issue #8)
¡NAITO INFINITO! (Red Leather and Danger, 2021)
THE MANIFEST (Red Leather and Danger, 2022)
Long Live the New Flesh (Red Leather and Danger, 2022)

quinn milton (Issue #2)

Quinn Valentine (Issue #6)
Satan’s Fluffer InPrnt

Robin Gow (Issue #3)
Honeysuckle (Finishing Line Press, 2019)
Our Lady of Perpetual Degeneracy (Tolsun Books, 2020)
Extraterrestrial Elegies (Ghost City Press, 2021)
Blue Blood (The Nasiona, 2021)
A Million Quiet Revolutions (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2022)
Dear Mothman (Amulet Books, 2023)
Ode to My First Car (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, forthcoming 2023)
[Speculum] Envy (LUPERCALIApress, forthcoming 2023)

Robyn (Issue #6)
Loaded for Bear (Self-published, 2022) [Game]

Sal Kang (Issue #4.5)
DADDY ISSUES (Fifth Wheel Press, 2022)

Sam Moe (Issue #5)
Heart Weeds (Alien Buddha Press, 2022)
Grief Birds (Bullshit Press, forthcoming 2023)
Cicatrizing the Daughters (FlowerSong Press, forthcoming 202X)

Samari Zysk (Issue #2)
Poems from Monster Parts (Self-published, 2022)
Monster Parts (Alien Buddha Press, 2022)

seosamh lily (Issue #2)
SUPERPOSE [Webcomic]

SG Huerta (Issue #10)
The Things We Bring With Us: Travel Poems (Headmistress Press, 2021)
last stop (Defunkt Press, 2023)

Shiksha Dheda (Issue #10)
Washed Away: a collection of fragments (Self-published, 2021)
We Are All Pretty Bizarre: Ramblings About the Movies (Daily Drunk Press, 2022)
The Tragedy of Touch (Fahmidan Press, 2022)

sterling-elizabeth arcadia (Issue #6, Issue #8, Issue #10 guest editor)
Heaven, Ekphrasis (Kith Books, 2023)

T.C. Mill (Issue #10)
Lady Crayl: The Complete Collection (Self-published, 2015)
Lovely Boy (Self-published, 2019)
Tender Things (Self-published, 2021)
If You Were My Lover (Self-published, 2021)
The Season: Erotic Halloween Stories (Self-published, 2021)
Soft, Sharp, and Tender (Self-published, 2022)

tommy blake (Issue #9)
MIXTAPES (ELJ Editions, 2021)
swerve (ELJ Editions, 2021)
self-portrait as poems about bad poetry (Self-published, 2021)
Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen (fifth wheel press, 2022)
after: transience, transference, transfusions, & transmutations (Self-published, 2022)
Peanut [the cat] auditions as Courage […from Courage the Cowardly Dog] (Self-published, 2022)
lacuna (Kith Books, 2022)
nosedive + the mirror (Self-published, 2023)
space cowboy on a little, uh, space exploration? (Bottlecap Press, 2023)
that makes two of us (Kith Books, forthcoming 2023)
NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL HORROR! (Gutslut Press, forthcoming 2023)
So, Who’s Courage? (Bullshit Press, forthcoming 2023)

Vivienne Dragonfruit (Issue #3)
Pharmakos (Self-published, 2019)
UNDERFACE (Self-published, 2019)
Moon into Blood (Self-published, 2019)
Supercringe Femoid (Self-published, 2021)
WHOREBLOOD (Self-published, 2022)
midnight rituals in turquoise starship (Self-published, 2022)
white tigers aren’t lucky (Self-published, 2022)
Astral Sex with King Aphrodite (Self-published, 2023)

Xoe Amer (Issue #1, Issue #4)
Foibles: A Mother-Daughter Podcast