“alone&together” by alan and roe moss

Four ambiguous, anthropomorphic people cuddle each other, gathered around a realistic painted heart held by the centermost person. Each figure is a different color and body shape. They are lit by a warm, golden light radiating from the heart, contrasted against the darkness around them.
together 	. alone 		.
a bodymind carved into mindbodies
that twist & tumble & tangle but can




can 		never 			quite


shared flesh riddled with the prints of
our reaching for each other
your& neurotic neuro- with my&
mangled -muscular
Finding pulling twisting at the seams
between your&body & my&body
your& same electric pulses
discharging tenderness & tension as
you& hold me
mold me
mind me closer
mind me, my lover, my darling, my
mind your way winding & reminding
pathways through shared breast
hold me with our arms & hold me with
our breath

do you mind?

do you mind if i

turn down the lights?

turn down the music?

close my eyes


turn down the outersenses

tune in to the innersenses

closing mindbodydistance between

contradicting the bodyminddistance
that tells me&



forever 		& 	always

does it make the

	s e p a r a t i o n

			hurt any less?

knowing that
your&eyes are my&eyes
my&hands are your&hands
your&lungs are my&lungs

& yet
your&sight isnot my&sight
your&voice isnot my&voice
your&breath isnot my&breath

we will never
seethesame / feelthesame / sharethesame


my-gaze in your-gaze
your-hand in my-hand
my-breath in your-breath

senseless senses sustaining division

never never fully together

our romance has a bitter sense of
a love laughing at its own reflux
coughed up out & over
onto the scribblings of a sonnet
written for a lover never held
& never to hold
a maddening paradox of erotic
can-they cant-they/should-they

i miss you& most when youre& right


alan and roe moss (No pronouns)
alan and roe moss are members of ileim moss, a transMad queercrip plural system seeking to make space for exploring plurality outside the confines of pathology and respectability. ileim’s work can be found at mixmoss.neocities.org.