“One Day I’m Gonna Be Rich, Baby” by Ale Canales

and i’m gonna buy you one of those fancy ass packers you know the ones with the hand painted veins and customizable pubes 3-in-1 FTM prosthedicks for Pack, Pee, and PlayTM in real human skin colors with Customized Erection Rod no more stupid George all white raw chicken looking so sticky you have to clean him every night and too soft to fuck anything falling out of your fruit of the looms at the aquarium demote George to stress-balls, baby i’m gonna buy you a Jorge he’s gonna be so brown and big it ain’t even gonna make sense with your height have all the cissies on the metrobús going no mames está mamado ese guey que PEDO que milagro de la ciencia look at that man 5 feet 5 inches with a 12 inch cobra that ?xx??asj? he’s walking with must never wanna let him go échate un taco de ojo de ese cabrón con CABRONAZO then you’ll whip it out at the Rico bathroom with all mirrors wall roof floors and change the girls’ LIVES baby cum one and only one, invite only putos!!!! one day i’m gonna have a whole thousand dollars and you’re gonna pee at a urinal, baby you’re gonna piss in the club in the tub on a rug in a mug in the street on a stage in a bookstore on a page and then we’re gonna go to the Dick Store and buy beautiful prosthedicks for every trans man in this doomed city and anyone else who wants one just for fun and we’re gonna piss all over the fucking angel all over el castillo de chapultepec’s stupid checkered floors all over bellas artes stupid stolen golden dome all over el zocalo all over la catedral metropolitana we’re gonna fill el palacio de los deportes with more piss than emos at the my chemical romance concert in 2007 and then we’re gonna climb la torre latinoamericana big gray boxy sorry excuse for phallic proxy

and we’re gonna piss off the edge, baby!

Ale Canales (They/elle)
Ale Canales has been in an international long distance T4T relationship (New Haven, Connecticut to Mexico City, Mexico) since long before the pandemic. Their relationship can be described as the Ikea bear dating the Ikea shark, except they are both trans and crazy. They once sent their partner a single nipple hair in the mail.