Two poems by Andrea Paz

Are You Looking for a Friend?
day one, i was led around, head down
raised for a sec, and you smiled,
hair hidden beneath a newspaper cap

shy, but determined, i shadowed you
and our shadows carried covert government missions
we’d go to harborview and stand humiliating jokes
but you were so kind, you knew what was right

in your car, you play cds, and 
i confess love for disco
me too. me too.
broadcast came on,
and you were the only person to know.

Union picnics and karaoke and roller skating karaoke
i never forget, bush garden, and you sang
‘dancing in the dark.’

your kindness gave me strength.
i am glad you stayed
i am glad we are best friends
hey, do you wanna sing?

Nietzche Nurse

I run ten blocks to be fucked in the Central District. You clean your apartment. I smoke dreams while you talk about killing God. There is no meaning to anything, you say, and that is true freedom. You fuck me from behind only. There is no meaning to us. Therefore, I am free.

Andrea Paz (She/her)
Andrea is a social work student, karaoke singer, and lapsed prose writer.