“I replay you like a favorite movie” by Audrey L. Reyes

When I think of undressing you/ it’s movie magic/ clothed, unclothed/ Stop-
motion delirium/ clothed, unclothed/ This is some slow burn release/ There’s an
arm, a breast, a bare leg/ flashing in curves/ Save the feathered tickles/ seductive
gaze/ for a rainy day/ I want splayed love on these sheets/ like the generous thief/
giving back freedom to the exiled/ When you shout action/ I slither/ and arch my
back for the hungry audience/ clothed, unclothed/ The credits start rolling/ and
your name is the only one/ that appears under Special Thanks/ and a dedication for
your tongue

Audrey L. Reyes (She/her)
Audrey L. Reyes is a Filipino poet, writer, and former early childhood educator whose favorite workplace activity is raising hell. Her work has been featured in several online literary magazines, such as QUINCE MagazineNECTARAnti-Heroin Chic, and has also appeared in anthologies and print issues from Marias at SampaguitasHecate Magazinesuperfroot, and Porridge Magazine (forthcoming). She resides in Manila, Philippines.