Two crossword poems by Blue

A crossword puzzle with spaces for 16 words to intersect. Three words are already filled in: 'and', 'the' and 'moon'. Moon is written in lilac. There are fourteen clues remaining at the bottom of the page, forming a rhyming sonnet. The sonnet reads as follows:

Alchemical metal, shimmering fluid
Soul-silver seers, the color of Cupid
Unlocked and inviting, ajar is the door
The curve of your back my lips so adore
Divinely exalted, straight to vapour when hot
Two beautiful limbs, around my waist knot
Trembling shivers, your martini not stirred
Your lips against mine, stealing my words
The act of doing nothing; denying proceeding
The act of not going, best paired with preceding
Belonging to both, sixty minutes complete
Keeping time together, a crescendoing beat
The art of creation; to invent, give form
The pink on your cheeks, delight rosy and warm

The crossword has been fully filled out, completing the poem. It now reads: Quicksilver eyes, so open, spine sublime, legs shaking, kiss and go, don't stop, our rhythm makes the moon blush. The negative space around the crossword has a photograph of the moon emerging, half-hidden behind wispy pink clouds.

Blue (They/them)
Blue crossbreeds pure poetry and wild word-weeds to create exotic flowers that they name after their lovers. They have sown seeds far and wide and can be found on Twitter and Instagram.