Two poems by Briar Ripley Page

This poem uses text generated by a GPT-J-6B neural net.

He breaks
the glass.
Slips the needle
into creamy fat,
through skin.

Injects me with myself.

I’m drooling.
I’m a drooling mess.

“You’re a freak,” I say.
“I’m not,” he says.
“I’m a vampire.”

I bite his neck carefully.
He punctures mine like a Capri-Sun pouch.

I lick the blood from my lips.

He kisses me again.
I feel my body begin to change.
I start to feel my hips shift,
my stomach rise,
my cavities expand.

I feel the air around me change.
The smell of blood and sweat becomes stronger.
I can hear my heart beating in my ears.

I can feel the air around me.

I can feel my skin.
I can feel my hair.
I can feel my body.

I can feel my body.
I can feel my body.

I can feel my body.

The Planet Venus
This poem uses text generated by a GPT-2 neural net.

And for now, I’ll lie awake, wondering.
I’ve never been told I’m pregnant.
However, today, while sleeping,
I noticed all the flowers on the ground outside my windows
and my phone in my hands.
“Oh, my God.”
Her eyes wide and red.

And then, she giggled
and held back a pained look
while she wiped a stray silver flower from her cheek.
She turned to me and smiled as if to say
“Oh gosh, don’t try too hard today.”
She laughed because she knew that if the end came with her last words
we wouldn’t have to continue what was going on in our lives.

Oh fuck, god, she kissed me with all her kind.

Such brightness. That was years ago.
The light took so long to reach the page.
Queen of love, tractor beam me in the evening,
in the morning, when I howl at heaven’s gate.
I don’t make mistakes. I saw the object, and I knew.
I’ll never regret that flight, that hand inside,
The many blooms of orgasm; our silver ship.

Briar Ripley Page (They/he)
Briar Ripley Page is the author of Corrupted Vessels, a surreal southern gothic novella from swallow::tale press, and Body After Body, a self-published erotic dystopian body horror novel. They can be found online at