“your body cotton candy” by C M Taylor

splayed sticky, dissolving,
your cum slick against my smile

i want to fill you like
you fill me, till you’re sparkling
& edgeless

in your safety & warmth, your naked thighs
which wobble when you stand
from our bed, your pomegranate mouth
which gasps & moans, you’re luminous

i’ll take you if you ask,
& i’ll hold you after, bask in each self
you invite me to investigate
& i’ll love you just like this

i want only to see you glow

C M Taylor (They/them)
C M Taylor is a poet, songwriter, painter, and essayist living in Buffalo, NY. They earned their BA in Creative Writing and Dance Studies from Knox College in 2016. They serve as Art Editor for Variant Lit. More of their work can be found at perhappened, Poke, Ghost City Review, and elsewhere.