“Pigeon Painting” by DEVIANT

I blow a kiss to the birds.
Is it exhibitionism if
they don’t all watch?

I shove seeds in canvas
and tell the birds
Now I am cheery.

Undress. Strip
tease these birds
that crash into frame.

There’s probably bird-porn
about girls like me
playing the body for climax.

A dead bird is an omen.

Something about unrest
or being in bed but not sleeping.

DEVIANT (They/them)
DEVIANT is an American writer best known for their poetry and memoir-hybrids‭. ‬They believe in the power of words‭, ‬silence‭, ‬and the transfiguration of that which is impolite to publicize but far too‭ ‬important to repress‭. ‬Find them on Twitter‭ ‬@darlingknife‭. ‬