“Two Trans Gods Make Love” by Dmitri Derodel

I know the future of your body.

Before you, I unveil the chronicle
of mine, a tongue that translates
every movement of your hips
into a hymn that demands selfish
eyes and vocal chords unafraid
to rattle against the windpipe.

We are holy because
we determined ourselves to be.

As I kneel at your altar, I watch
the windows shapeshift blink after blink,
and while others may cower from it,
I know how to hold it down,
goose feathers writhing blissfully
in my fists like an eel.

Reveal to me your scars, plant your lips
on the stinging in my thigh, let me cradle
what you sometimes pretend isn’t there.

We are a pair of promises
wrapped in goosebumps, aching
to turn each other inside out.
The naysayers need not
believe in us. Our existence
isn’t controlled by whether or not
our creations say thank you.

We are real because
we believe in each other.

Blessed be the gluttony
that stains this bed, this bed
where the only sin is shame.

Dmitri Derodel (He/him)
Dmitri Derodel is a poet, songwriter, essayist, and Scholastic Gold Medalist. Among other places, he’s been published in The Best Teen Writing of 2020, Navigating the Maze 2020, Solstice Literary Magazine, Stone of Madness Press, Kalopsia Literary Journal, and the Dutch magazine OneWorld.