“a Girl walks home, alone, on Valentine’s Day” by E.C. Sosa

In the night, heels and teeth resound, click, chatter, et cetera. A modest bouquet, a slick-back bun, petals and hair and memories falling out. Her apartment doors rattle, too, shut.

She, alone, hears, "Inquiring minds would like to know: after 'your' medical transition, what changed more; 'your' mind or 'your' body?" 

The quiet part answers, "The most profound changes belonged to everyone else."

E.C. Sosa (She/her)
E.C. Sosa is a Nuyorican poet based in California. You can find her @putasuprema on Instagram. She looks forward to self-publishing her next project, Autorretrato de una Mujer de Luto.