“When Megan Fox Kissed Amanda Seyfried” by Elizabeth J. Wenger

“Hell is a teenage girl.”the opening line of Jennifer’s Body (2009)

It is odd,
Always, being young
Of course.
A tumble in blood
A thirst for deeper
places. Indents in the earth like
Orificed bodies. Porous as pumice.
And yes, it is amazing
That you can put someone as
Threateningly-hot as Amanda Seyfried
In glasses on camera
And the audience will understand
This to mean a lesser beauty.
When I was young
My body bloomed baby fat
My face a globular cupid.
I was no angel.
What I mean to ask is:
How do we recover from
Early 2000s skinny?
From hip bones singing
like a valley in drought?
If Hell is a teenage girl,
Then I have been there
And lived. And what
Is a teenage girl but
A mirror held up to
The funhouse of tight-
Tittied tank tops.
But no, that isn’t what
I meant to ask. What I
Meant to ask is:
Where is your Megan Fox today?

Elizabeth J. Wenger (She/her)
Elizabeth J. Wenger is a queer writer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her work has appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, orange peel literary magazine, The Hopper, and more. She is currently an MFA student at Iowa State University. You can find her on Instagram @wengerwow and on Twitter @wengerwanger. Her website is wengerwrites.com.