“LITTLE LUX” by Emma McGill

i am split wide open / across a garden bed / moss stained red / flowers torn between my fingers / i am lain across sheets / dappled in golden sun / there is all of me / let out into the air / with the dust floating / like wisps from a willow tree / you can read my mind / just by closing your eyes / you can peek inside / seer my soul / mark my every word / there’s skin piled on the floor / bones hung from the wall / there’s a robin flying high / there’s time passing us by / and a flutter across my gut / asking if this is right / it’s too late to turn back for anything else / i am split across the sky / i am a vision in your eyes / i seep right through the soil

Emma McGill (She/her)
Emma is a queer creative trying to make her way in both the academic and literary worlds of the Canadian prairies. All she thinks about is music, reading, and writing.