“The expanse of ourselves” by Fran Fernández Arce

We prowl each other for touch. We wash each other’s
hair. We share tea cups and teaspoons and little
slivers of space. Walking hand in hand, synchronising
our circadian rhythms, we go to bed early and eat
home-made banana bread. Occupying this space,
we receive the communion of our shapes, begin to know
the contours of our bodies in tight detail, the expanse
of ourselves. We yearn for each other. The skin
on our backs reads like an encyclopaedia of want. We are
each other’s keepers, from the tip of our toes to the top
of our heads. Our touch is the legacy of time well spent.

Fran Fernández Arce (She/her)
Fran Fernández Arce is a Chilean poet currently living in the intersection of Santiago, Chile, and Suffolk, England. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Pollux Journal, Upwrite, and Crow Name, among others.