“dykespotting” by gray golding & sterling-elizabeth arcadia

bent finger-grass
trimmed within a sixteenth of perfection
across this expanse,
floating in a pool of bricks,
pollen like shooting stars –

between us & the moon
strides an astronomical anomaly
a sight as sweet as milky ways, as buttercups
with the chaos – and luck – of Pluto crossing Neptune’s orbit

you fuck up my vision
microcosmos of saline beading down
my face irrigating the starscape

i plot your strange trajectory
poem in hand

gray golding (They/them)
gray golding is a poet, multimedia artist, and former architectural designer pursuing their PhD in communications.

sterling-elizabeth arcadia (She/they)
sterling-elizabeth arcadia is a poet, DIY tattooer, and lover of birds pursuing their MFA in poetry.

(They met on Tinder.)