“Something is Growing” by Jade G.

For Lily

I am in love with my girlfriend’s cock.
Like, it’s the most perfect thing,
& I’m thinking about taking it
& tasting it
& sliding it inside me &
sliding me up & down
until I feel twitching
& hear moaning &
she hasn’t used it with me yet,
hasn’t used any of her with me yet,
because we are five thousand miles apart
which is customary for the kind of girlfriends who have cocks.
I think about this a lot. I think about our distance
& the time left until the distance might go away
& I think about the longing
& I long hard.
I think about the longing & the distance & her not touching me & I forgive it.
I forgive it almost as hard as I long
& almost as long as she is far &
I try to find the good part about not touching.
4 example it is exciting.
It is exciting to be five thousand miles apart, cocks in our hands,
missing a person I have never been in danger of meeting
& it feels like in a movie where everything turns out okay
& the protagonist gets the girl
& everyone else is fine too
& no one has to sit alone with their cock
& I rlly need this to be good.

Jade G. (She/vi)
Jade G. is a neutrois trans woman. You can find her being way too human on Twitter @messiarchy.