“Memory” by KB

Backshots. Your underarms glistening in the midnight view. My back,
lifting in cat/cows as you dip and prow into the pink. All
memory, the vestige of your meaty thumbprints. Grammar & punctuation
is all I can make of the years spent intertwined with your frame. I would
give everything to watch you dilly dally— watch dinner turn into our demise
again. I would pay to see you give it all to me in the floor-down mirror
of our used-to-be shared bedroom. It would be easiest if you died first.

KB (They/them)
KB is a Black queer genderless poet, educator, organizer, and student affairs professional. They have earned many fellowships and publications, most notably from Lambda Literary, Cincinnati Review, and Equality Texas. Catch them talking sweetness and other (non)human things online @earthtokb.