“Tangible” by Kelsey Britt

sun flower socks and sweatpants

rolled up hairy legs revealed

only to herself and her dust

covered plants she stands in front

of the stove computer clutched

in her hands how many hours

has she spent on zoom staring

at squared faces cold metal hard

plastic beneath her fingertips

she daydreams of slick oysters

and bubbles of cava in Barcelona

her palms touching someone else’s

squishy hips someone else’s wet

cunt she thinks about going to a nude

beach near Lisbon bursting out

naked into the sun burying her

body underneath the warm

chaos of sand.

Kelsey Britt (She/her)
Kelsey Britt is a queer writer and sexuality educator originally from Indiana. A graduate of the MFA in Fiction program at the University of San Francisco, she recently completed a post-graduate teaching fellowship at USF. She is currently working on her first novel and writing in thecuriousclit, her blog about sexuality & culture.