Three pieces of art by Lilith Noah

A green-and-pink-tinted photograph of a dildo being covered in thick silicone lube.
A pair of breasts is covered with two large pairs of overlapping hands.
A sepia-tinted photograph of a hand dripping silicone lube onto another hand waiting below.

Lilith Noah (She/her)
Lilith Noah is a 23-year-old poet and artist from Austria. She has been writing and publishing poetry for about 5 years now. Her poems are written on things that would otherwise land in the dustbin: on receipts, tickets or flyers, turning trash into a canvas for art. In her work, she talks openly about mental health and illness, about growing up, and about her queerness. The goal of her work is to share experiences, to connect with people, and to show them that whatever they are going through, they are not alone.