“To outer space, with love.” by MJ Romero

You can read this piece in Spanish here.

You are a self made man, my love. You took that which the Gods gave you and smashed it
together, a Big Bang of your own. You took stardust and dark matter, molding it like clay in
your hands. This is your undoing, your becoming, from a flicker of light to a fucking
supernova, a man with a cosmos for a heart. Like a shooting star across the darkness, I
witnessed your beauty, your creation, an ever expanding universe to explore.

And I fell in love with you, my moon. Your center of gravity pulled me ever closer as I floated
in outer space, zero gravity and no oxygen, feeling more grounded and alive than I ever felt
with my feet bound to Earth. Your eyes like black holes making me lose myself in the
space-time continuum, your voice like the warmth of the sun, your body so alien and similar
to mine, a new planet for the lost wanderer I was. And I touched you, the lines of your body
like the boundaries of continents, my hands traveling through this world beyond the stars.

How lucky I am to love you, a cosmos at my fingertips, connecting with something beyond
my imagination. In your skin I find the stars I’ll contemplate in the dark, as you sleep next to
me and make me feel like a God amongst man. In your lips, the flavor of that which the
fabric of creation is made of, the taste of my future. In the sound of your moans, expansion.
The soundtrack hidden in the space between the stars, for no one else to hear but me and
only me. (Please, let it only ever be me.)

You kiss me and the galaxies of us collide, creating the utopia of me and you. Gravity then
means nothing to me, I’m no longer bound by the rules of physics, I am now more than the
boring simple concepts that humanity wants everyone to be. Here in the nothing and
everything of our bed, as you touch me like the world is gonna end, the apocalypse, the
universe collapsing in on itself, I find myself understanding you better, understood by you
better. Here you are, here I am. Two aliens in a world that won’t ever fully understand them
but lucky enough to have found each other, beating the odds, the statistics, probability and
all that bullshit that makes love that much incredible or something honey sweet like that.

Tangled with you, we become a constellation. May someone one day look up at us and see
the love we shared, the beauty of you, the beauty of me. May they witness us and feel less
Earthbound, may they understand that they too are mythos, stardust to be reshaped to their
liking or perhaps to not be reshaped at all. May the universe be tender to our kind, spread
across the multiverse, as present as atoms, always and forever.

May these words last till there is a new Big Bang, as matter continues to change and change
and change again. May my love for you continue to evolve, from the first colliding rocks and
fire to the endless new life that will exist. May we find each other again, there amongst the
stars, my beloved, my moon, my stars, my sun. My spaceman.

MJ Romero (He/they)
MJ Romero is work-in-progress writer from Mexico City. He is a nonbinary person in a relationship with a trans man. Currently, they enjoy exploring transness through writing. His work is written in English, Spanish, and sometimes something in between. This particular piece is dedicated to Adrian Díaz.