“I shall not want! I shall not want!” by Naomi Waweru

On our third conversation
about God,
you rearrange your sighing pattern
to a less impulsed vessel
shedding its skin,
immersing me in blameless worship,
telling me how He delights in
two bodies falling deeply,
your punctuation forgiving
my punctuation,
I rest with you again.
I shall not want! I shall not want!
and the mercy of our God shall find us broken and contrite,
a living sacrifice blameless and pleasing.

Naomi Waweru (She/her)
Naomi Waweru is inspired by love, vulnerability, and the yearning of bodies to be free in their connection, and she has an eye for tradition and culture. Her writings present an adoration for the body. She portrays it as your first sanctuary. She has work currently and forthcoming in Merak Magazine, A Voice from Far Away, Ghost Heart Literary Journal, Kalahari Review, Poems for the Start of the World Anthology, Ample Remains, Afro Literary Magazine, Overheard Magazine, Artmostterrific, drr, Clerestory, Our Name is Amplify, The Wondrous Real Magazine, and The African Writers Review. Reach her on Twitter @ndutapoems and Instagram @_ndutapoems.