“ghost town” by nat raum

In the Sonoran desert, the sun casts shadows across linen sheets, begging (I mean begging) for the smell of rain, so starved for touch. I trace my own arms to feel skin on skin. 

Cracked lips tingle, sinking battleships. In the absence of a kiss, I covet, teeming with desires I forgot I had, pressing my ear to my wrist just to hear heartbeats. Bump-bump. Like the wooden headboard against the wall, I creak. Sharp exhale. Soft like clay as it dries in heat.

nat raum (They/them)
nat raum is a queer multimedia artist working primarily with photography, creative writing, and book-making. They are currently based in Baltimore, MD. Their artwork primarily explores their relationship with their body and the world around them after their past sexual trauma. Their practice centers around creating books and zines as a means to communicate overwhelming emotions, troubled states of mind, and deep dark secrets.