“Unprocessed GMO-free abstracts from a human body” by Percy Amichai Hill

You’re torn between desire and enjoyment, which are not the same thing

I can barely remember that room but I think I used to sleep on the bottom bunk.
	2. If I could understand, then I could love you.
	3. [Read 8:09 PM]

As a child I had two pieces of gum stuck under my desk; one for shame and one for language. It’s no
wonder I’m a poet.

I’m deeply embedded in honey and poison.

I’m 					          I’m
masquerading as the man of your dreams / dress me up like the answer to your prayers
I’m 				       I’m
draw me like you want to be darling / kiss me like you want to be torn
I’m 				I’m
But don’t cry for me, I said. Cry for you.

im still figuring out how to be a person figuring out how to be a monster
	just a shadow 		just a loud song screaming
			take that tongue and use it!

im a machine powered on impulse
an engine full of pop-rocks

I’m playing Legend of Zelda on my 3DS in the girls’ bathroom and I’m the graffiti on the door STATING
	1. less violence
	2. more shrines to megamind
	3. i didn’t have a marker, i carved this with my keratin
	5. six years later my body is now a shrine to megamind

do i want to love you? fuck you? become you?
this three-point line is very thin


don’t let my branch tap your window as i grow and assume that is as tall as i will ever be

Percy Amichai Hill (He/him)
Percy Amichai Hill is a still-yet-emerging poet (still escaping his cocoon, not yet a fully-fledged butterfly). You can find more of his work on Twitter @olicketysplit (forthcoming) and at lianlianmin.wordpress.com. You can also find him on Twitter @lianlianmin.