“On hold” by Purbasha Roy

    Occupied in my obsession
    to stare at zero skies
   it was another dawn
   sleep found shelter in you
   and I with feline drift
   reached  unspent windows
   knowing sea as contemplative
 breath I think of  lavender weekend
  moments glancing through eerie 
silence. I have forever known
 there aren't enough poems
 in me. To fill this empty cloud 
of time when I  look for poems
in placid ripples of infinity
wordle crawls between my fingers
 as phantom drizzle of verses 
  on my poemrupt heart
  I forget this place lacks
  map of my silhouette
  built around horizons of feet.
  Landing upon spring of cherries
 I arrived drenched in watercolors 
of guilt. A portrait drawn holding 
smell of shores. Suddenly your arms 
around mine. Our blue shadows
 evincing meltdown of our wavy
 collision. Us. I wonder again about 
the about erupting poem on hold...

Purbasha Roy (She/her)
Purbasha Roy is a writer from Jharkhand, India. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Channel, SUSPECT, Bluestem, DASH, View Magazine, Bayou Review, Long Con Magazine, Hive Avenue, Hills Hoist, and elsewhere. Attained second position in the 8th Singapore Poetry Contest, 2022.