“A Quick Dream” by Purbasha Roy

In a quick dream I find you unquick

holding sedimentary rock . I was busy

needling hexagonal threads of silence

and as you darninged the broken eastern

side, the sun shone two spectrums loud

and the albatross shrieked beyond shores

perimeters. A meteor crossed dayskies

stealthily like a vagabond song that wants

no lips but forest wind to learn its interludes

it was only you I desired stay like chlorophyll

and the small bee I am, would wander

your blooms in repeats, until I morph

to a rock  before I ask what makes you hold it, 

you call it arrangement of emotions for life to go on

and the rock of me in your time-bound hands

would look like chalk(every emotion of me
dissolved in solvent of love)

Purbasha Roy (She/her)
Purbasha Roy is a writer from Jharkhand, India. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in SIAMB, Bluestem, DASH, View Magazine, Bayou Review, Long Con Magazine, Hive Avenue, and elsewhere.