Two pieces of art by Quinn Valentine

To the right of a crimson, pearl-adorned Baphomet stands a small, naked blue man. He smiles at them adoringly.
A chubby, naked figure stands pressed against a mirror. Their reflection's face is demonic. "THOU ART GOD" is scrawled in red across the glass.

Quinn Valentine (They/them)
Quinn Valentine is a queer‭, ‬autistic artist from the Bay Area who makes work centered on their‭ ‬personal ideas about the power of transness‭. ‬They enjoy taking the homophobic‭, ‬transphobic and‭ ‬queerphobic myths perpetuated by hyper conservative Christian propaganda to flip them inside out into something new that empowers instead‭. ‬They work with other witches like themself to generate new pieces to embody the divine rebels they see in their loved‭ ‬ones‭. ‬