Two poems by Raphael Rae


I offer you the entire heart / tired heart
fried in cast-iron—salt & cayenne
encrusting muscle the color of its own
cartoonification, lost & hot (a polar bear
loosed from the zoo / me w/o my Google
Maps app). Post-ultrasound I’m told that
I have a fatty liver. Come hours plagued
by vivid visions of fat delicate silk
between my teeth, wrists & ankles
bound to a cliff & bring on the bladed
birds, my new hole, doll-ragged, red
as yarn for shielding the vulnerable
brain / tacking to a wall of evidence
in search of connection. I describe to you
my self-cannibalization w/ smart lights
off, your limbs the lovely chains. In reality
I brought fire & got you. To sleep: imagine
eating: cupcakes, crab Rangoon. Should’ve
thought of sucking your cock, but always
that’s close to the front lawn of my flesh-
	obsessed mind, my open mouth, offered
& in you can walk, like into the giant
heart @ Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute
throbbing like a cock / torch. Dark
as a confessional. One day I’ll walk you
through piss-smelling pink plaster. Every day
the brain-eagles, & also your plaster-pink
kiss. I offer you my wiry heart, through which
thrums signal & spark. I offer you my fiery—
together, flaming. Stoked: to see your face
as if meeting the very first sun @ the horizon.


I love the green love between
perverts, shucking
bodies & sweetness nude
of viscous shame, learned
easy & rough, tough nails
plunging into our open
wounds & wants. Endless
crusade: the belief
in any kind of sex as Default
Desire is poison. We all crave particular strokes / strikes / stakes
hammered into wet Summer
earth / through a bloodless
heart. Explosion of dust: one
species of orgasm. Dark damp
sucking: another. & another
is being the stake, the argument’s
central Sun, want’s sloppy
basting, thread pink & loose
as my tongue on your cock, as
stripes on my ass, as the mucous
membranes cradling wakeful
eyes. I see you. We are seeing
one another’s insides full of fetish
object, rejection of / by the Holy
Grail, which tastes of vanilla
extract & sweat & pursing your lips
around the squirming of a crying-
	out-for, alien territory

Raphael Rae (He/they)
Raphael Rae is a gay‭, ‬trans‭, ‬and mad poet‭, ‬essayist‭, ‬painter‭, ‬crosswords professional‭, ‬and MFA candidate at The New School‭. ‬Originally from Philadelphia‭, ‬he is now based in Brooklyn‭, ‬and can be found‭ ‬sporadically online‭ ‬@raephaelra ‬on Twitter and at‭ ‬‬