Two poems by Sage E. Magnus

Note‭ ‬—‭ ‬the first line borrows from this tweet‭, ‬the most succinct summary of trans-eroticism‭:‬‭ ‬

We need to populate the hive,
come here. It’s a summer day.
It’s our wedding day. Come here.
Your mask is good enough for me.
Bird mask, plague mask, healing herbs.
Your vapors cure my ills.
Your fire sign. My water sign.
Heat me up. Put you out.
I drink rivers out of you.
Pour into me. I flutter
around you. Pollinate you.
You suck my fingers clean.
Birds of a feather, bees of a hive,
scar of my scar of your scar.
Your fake is real enough for me.
Oh unrelenting swarm of birds,
please make my mouth your nest.
My stomach is a swarm of bees.
We dance around your hands.
You move fearlessly. You reach inside.
Don’t think of being stung. You reach inside.
Right where it hurts. You suck and pull
the river of blood, the river of bees.
Swallow it all down and laugh.
Lie on our backs and laugh.
Look at us! Look at us, we’ve got wings!

Fucking after shaving our heads
We’ve had this date for years‭, ‬you and I‭. ‬Vibrator buzzing‭. ‬Bent over the bathroom sink‭, ‬hair raining on our shoulders‭, ‬collecting‭ ‬around our feet like dried-up leaves‭. ‬Your fingers on my scalp‭, ‬running down the skin of my neck‭, ‬which shivers‭. ‬Gripping the sink‭, ‬taking control of the mirror‭. ‬Like Britney Spears back in‭ ‬‘08‭.‬

It took us a long time to get here‭. ‬Five breakdowns‭, ‬four breakups‭, ‬three therapists‭, ‬two winters ago‭, ‬we had long hair when we‭ ‬met‭. ‬I know you know what I mean when I say I almost died of it‭. ‬Oh‭, ‬there was so much death‭, ‬I don’t know how we endured on the single promise of a dance once spring dares to come‭.‬

But we did‭, ‬and we’re here‭. ‬The air is thick with light spring rain‭. ‬In the dirt of the fallen years we roll around and spread our limbs like roots‭. ‬I blow a stray hair from your neck‭. ‬Go on‭, ‬make a wish before it drops‭. ‬You can have anything you want‭. ‬You can be a lake‭, ‬or‭ ‬a bird or a rosebud‭. ‬You can have an apple‭, ‬a job or the world‭.‬

You say I want you to come‭.‬

Sage E. Magnus (They/he)
Sage E‭. ‬Magnus is a transgender writer and biologist based in Germany‭. ‬In 2020‭, ‬they edited and‭ ‬published the poetry collection‭ ‬Notes App Poetry‭. ‬They believe in the beauty of the world‭, ‬that science is a kind of poetry and poetry a kind of science‭.‬