“Liquify” by Samari Zysk

can you see me
liquid unfolding itself
dispersing gently, shattered and
merging again

come between my arms so i can pray
i will not be a spectacle
rainfall gently spurs the stars
into motion around your irises

liquify this relentless knowing
if i stare long enough, i melt into sea water
for you to step into — is that what
you wanted? you could have asked
i would become water

i will not behold you
listen to your softest voice
where will it take you?
the answer unfetters

i will not behold you
until you press your hand
on my jaw and the whole world
becomes liquid and i remember

Samari Zysk (They/them)
Samari Zysk is a queer Jewish poet who is an MFA student at Mills College. They are also an editor for Maw: Poetry Magazine. You can find their work in Ghost City Review, Cypress Literary Journal, and Brave Voices Magazine. You can also visit them at www.samarizysk.org. They currently live in Kent, Washington.