“sleeping commando [as i freebleed]” by Valerie Drew

for the velvet that spurs from my cavern
[poinsettias cascading down supple thighs]

dribbles onto the mattress pad, “repulsive”
[the washer will siphon my bourbon later]

and with fastened eyes her essence appears
[radiant apple goddess, sweet malleable skin]

this woman emulating my daylight figurine
[for no billboards have been twigged here]

murmured praise to melissa viviane jefferson
[she induced our make to unleash our model]

when day breaks i clothe daintily, pleasantly
[my vessel is my daily bread and wine]

Valerie Drew (She/they)
Valerie Drew plans to begin her Creative Writing BA in the fall. They are an emerging writer with past work published in Polemical and Dumb Girl Zine. Other than writing, she loves film and animation.