“Ends in Chaos” by Vivienne Dragonfruit

He is in the midst of life. I do not need you.
Do not invite me through your window,
into your dark room. I am not under your bed.
I do not need your soft neck and shuddering breath.
He has all the warmth I need.

But you are God’s first and best creation.
I am his last and most hated. Fear
and heat bloom beneath your belly
in a field of dark flowers. I feed
from the slit. You are a dream that came to me
when I closed my eyes in the sunlight.
The shape of our souls is the same.

Vivienne Dragonfruit (He/him)
Vivienne Dragonfruit is the alias of an emerging trans artist and imposter poet of no discernible gender/genre. He publishes Twine chapbooks on itch.io and lurks on Twitter @nichegirltwink.