“Jibachi Senbei” by Xoe Amer

No one deserves a poem as tribute more than girls
who spill crumbs down their sweetheart
That flash of white as a smile
breaknecks across their various faces, like a rabbit
dashing for cover.
As if they’ve suffered, myriad stares
into the bathroom mirror
never finding Atlantis there, but seeing the color ultramarine
from Afghani lapis lazuli, 
transported by Italian traders 
in the 14th century. 
Imagine how the superhuman color must
first have made their European eyes smart.
Girls, have you been getting into ASMR videos?
Have you been raising your hemlines a centimeter a year
as you love more and more of yourself?
Have you been testing the edge of the kitchen knife
on tissue paper? Just to be prepared.
Would you like to try something new?
The gourmet website says the wasps in this special cracker
taste like burnt raisins.

Xoe Amer (She/her)
Find Xoe online @cooltrainerxo on http://twitter.com. She loves her partner and her girlfriend and believes in a future beyond capitalism.