“Tushi (Roots)” by Zaynab Bobi

A hawk and a grandmother's smiling, shawled head sprout from the same branch. They stare into the camera.

Zaynab Bobi (She/her)
Zaynab Bobi‭, ‬Frontier I‭, ‬is a Nigerian poet‭, ‬digital artist‭, ‬and photographer from Bobi‭. ‬She is a member of Hilltop Creative Art‭ ‬Abuja Branch‭, ‬Poetry Club Udus‭, ‬and Frontier Collective‭, ‬and is a Medical‭ ‬Laboratory Science student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto‭. ‬Her artworks and photographs are published and forthcoming in‭ ‬Blue Marble Review‭, ‬Barren Magazine‭, ‬Isele Magazine‭, ‬Type House Literary Magazine‭, ‬Night Coffee Lit‭, ‬Wrongdoing Magazine‭, ‬Harbour Review‭, ‬B’K Magazine‭, ‬Olney Magazine‭, ‬All My Relations‭, ‬Salamander Ink‭, ‬Anti-Heroin Chic‭, ‬Acropolis Journal‭, ‬and more‭. ‬She tweets‭ ‬@ZainabBobi‭.‬‭ ‬